Mastering Self-Love


I read a Toltec book about Love.  You may have heard of it: The Mastery of Love.  It was a unique take on the idea of love.  Basically, the book says that you have to master self-love before you can ever give love to a relationship.  You have to love yourself so much that you don’t even need a relationship at all.  Only in this way can you truly have love and not an addiction to love.

So I started thinking:  how do we master self-love?

I have a few  ideas.

Think about a few reasons why you are grateful FOR YOURSELF everyday.  For example, I am grateful for my health and my intellect.

Try mantras.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are incredible and that you love yourself.  Sound stupid, I know, but it works.

Stop focusing on the negative and start changing your thoughts to positive ones.  Boost your own ego!  Go ahead I give you permission.

Well what do you guys think?  Do you need to master self-love before you can find real love?