How to be ORIGINAL Part 2

If you missed out on the “I wanna be an original!” discussion, check out Part 1 here.


Okay.  Now we are all on the same page and we all know NOT to be a bunch of sheep.  Check.

What now?

Well, in this discussion I really wanted to focus on how to RAISE an ORIGINAL.  That’s right.  How do you raise your children to be individual thinkers?

It starts with the way we parent them.  If we are too strict, we force them to conform to our rules and we may stifle their individual thoughts and talents.  Did you know that the youngest born child is the most likely to be creative and to pursue non-traditional forms of work?  Take comics for example.  They are 85% more likely to be the last born than the 1st born.  Why?  Because their older siblings probably already filled a traditional career role leaving them to feel safe to do something non-traditional.  Or maybe they just don’t want to compete so they look for other alternatives.

What about how we talk to kids?  Instead of saying, “Don’t cheat!” you are better off saying, “You don’t want to be a cheater.”  Giving a bad characteristic to a person and naming it as a noun gives it more weight and allows children to make choices based on the person they perceive themselves to be.  It also helps to allow them the freedom to make choices while instilling strong family values so that they are raised with individuality without getting into trouble.

Children need freedom and safety to grow and foster their unique strengths.  Unfortunately we rarely do this correctly.  Instead of having our children be the pioneers of new ideas, we push them toward traditional careers such as doctors and nurses.  This is possibly holding them back from being truly unique.

What are you going to do to foster your children’s uniqueness?




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