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I read a lot of books.  Probably 1 a week.  I was thinking a lot about something Gary Vee said in his latest audiobook “Ask Gary Vee.”  He said that it is more important to build depth rather than width in business and in life.


Not width.

Really.  So I started thinking about friendships and family.  I started thinking about whether I was gathering new contacts or acquaintances instead of building depth with the ones that I already have.

Then I started thinking about work.  Business.  Is it better to build more customers?  Grow your customer base?  Or should we focus on the satisfaction and loyalty of the ones we already have?  It seems that by focusing on the one’s we already have, your buisness will grow from a natural place.  It won’t be forced.  You won’t have lots of customer turnover because they will be truly happy with your product or service and then will refer others to your business.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about growing your business.  Because, if you aren’t growing in business you are dying.  But it does raise an important question:  should we focus on the customers we have now or focus on getting new ones?  I think that we need to do both to be successful in business.  I don’t think either end can be forgotten if you truly want to grow into a successful thriving business.  You want happy customers AND new customers.  Am I right?

Let me know your thoughts.  Comment.  Give me a shout.

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